Kind man

I had a happy thing for me today.

I actually lost my textbook 2 weeks ago. It cost about 3,000¥. And I had wrriten the composition of my presentation there.

I thought that I could find it once I returned to the classroom I lost it.

Next day, I returned to the classroom, but I couldn't find it.

Then, I thought someone would have my textbook and give me it in next lesson.

But no one gave it to me though I went to the lesson.

I gave up. I thought I tried to managed to get through the remaining lesson without textbook.


Today, there was a second time lesson after I lost it.

Surprisingly, one man asked me "Do you have a textbook?"

I thought "Ohh, I was waiting the question for 2 weeks."

So, I said "No."

Then he took out a textbook from his bag and gave it to me.


Demand and supply do not always match.

But, sometimes, both of them match when you seriously do not want it or almost forget it.

I learned this interesting thing today.